Why Expressing Yourself Feels So Good


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Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking Marie Forleo’s B-School, an 8-week program guiding creative entrepreneurs into starting their online business. My decision to take this program was as a result of an epiphany I’ve had last year, encouraging me to invest in my own dreams, and start my own business. When I commit to something I go all the way, so having had this epiphany I went to Business School, read books on money and entrepreneurship, and a month ago decided to turn knowledge into action through B-school.

The truth is, I love B-school, I love my university degree, and I love my newfound passion of merging business and spirituality. Yet, in my drive to shape my brand, build a new website, and come up with a communication plan, I ended up abandoning the ‘spirituality’ aspect of the equation. Three weeks into B-school, and after making the conscious decision to pause blogging until my new website was up and running, I found myself feeling lost and lethargic. Two weeks away from expressing myself in writing had been enough to drain my joy, passion, and exhilaration that drove my passion in the first place. Without a purpose and an outlet to express myself, I had lost my identity, and felt completely lost.

Having eventually made the decision to resume my weekly blogging to keep my sanity, I couldn’t help but wonder, why does expressing ourselves feel so good?

Made out of Happiness

When we refer to expressing ourselves, the Self we usually refer to is not the stereotypical persona we have been trained into by society, nor is our ego’s acceptable, censored version of ourselves. The Self we are talking about is our raw, uncensored, unbound-by-stereotypes, authentic self. When we are being authentic, we recognize that we are not mere human beings, but we are physical extensions of the pure-positive, all-loving, invincible Source energy that is everything and everyone. Most importantly, when we express ourSelves, we are in alignment with our unique talents and abilities, the skills that we were endowed with to fulfill our life’s purpose.

Being authentic feels so damn good, because we are, literally, made out of love and happiness. And by expressing our authentic self we recognize, experience, and extend, the truth of this understanding.

This realization inevitably leads to the understanding that, when we are not feeling good about ourselves, therefore, when we are not fully expressing our true interests and passions, we literally hold ourselves apart from our authentic self, which is directly related to our happiness, our personal fulfillment, and most importantly, to our life’s purpose. Abraham-Hicks suggests that “you cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey,” implying that, consciously and deliberately following our bliss, through expressing ourselves, is really, the only way we can have the happy ending we always intended to have.

Turn knowledge into action

Ask yourself: How am I not being authentic in my life, right now? What are my true dreams and passions that I refrain from because of my, or others’ limiting beliefs? Why aren’t I following my dreams? What am I afraid of?

Take inventory of your dreams versus the amount of action-time you are investing in them. Instead of feeling guilty for not expressing your Self as much as you should have, forgive yourself, and commit to doing ONE thing to express yourself every day.

Remember, big dreams are just a series of smaller ones.

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Faery Art by Lady Viktoria

20130819-130918 (2)

I was lucky enough to come upon Lady Viktoria’s painting during one of my digital fairy-hunts two years ago. Thirsty for inspiration, I scoured Instagram seeking for art that fed my soul. Having left my passion for drawing and painting behind me when I moved to the UK, I longed to experience the in-the-present, all-consuming inspiration that pours through you when you create a piece of art.

Lady Viktoria’s artwork is the perfect representation of this experience. Enchanted by her talent, and driven by my love for the faeries, I emailed Lady Viktoria seeking access into her faeryland. Take a ride with me into the mind and heart of Canadian Fairy artist Lady Viktoria, as she guides us through her creative process.

What’s the story behind your practice?

It began at a young age for me; I had this very strong will to create, to make things, especially things that were not found in my everyday reality. My Virgo father taught me how to draw. Being a natural-born artist himself, he taught me patience, as well as the technical aspect of holding a pencil and “telling it” what to do. From then on that pencil became my magic wand, enabling me to make the perfect faerie, the way I saw and loved them to be.

I was lucky to grow up alongside a river, on a street tucked away from the rest of the town, shrouded in nature and dotted with little cottages. When I was little a lot of the streets in my area were not even paved yet, and nature ran wild. This was my playground, my faerie haven. My parents were very free with me, and let me leave as I pleased. Therefore, I would explore by the river and get lost in the forests, convinced I was in another world, making magic and suspending time.

It was here that I saw my first faerie: She was the size of my hand, nude, and dressed in gold, with a soft white light emanating from her body. It was all very quick, yet so very beautiful, and this memory has stayed with me forever.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

When I was younger it was much easier to let the faeries flow through, since children are better channels for this kind of inspiration. In my current practice, I’ve had to learn to surrender to this energy, to let it in, and create without an agenda. Sometimes a painting will change over twenty times. As frustrating as this is, I know that if I just let go and trust what is trying to push through, the end result will be satisfying beyond words. I’ve come to realize that art is, really, a form of channeling, especially if you are open to, and willing to experience it.

A big part of what I do is also embracing history and elements of the past. I am especially drawn to ancient pagan cultures, and cultures who embraced their myths and their elementals. Interestingly enough, it seems that the places where the terrain is rugged, and far removed from most of the world, are those places that were able to maintain their myths and faerie beliefs.

I also draw inspiration from the medieval and Victorian period, particularly in Britain. These were times where things were a lot less free in ways our modern culture cannot imagine. However, because of this repression there is also a real potency of the paranormal. I enjoy exploring these repressed areas because of the layers and layers of coded information within them – striving to say something really profound, but unable to.

049Lady Viktoria is a self-taught artist from Toronto, Canada. Her training consists of a Bachelor with honors in English Literature, and a minor in Visual Arts from York University. She is inspired by nature, astrology, the tarot, Victorian and Medieval eras, as well as the Celtic and Germanic cultures. Most of her work is created with her cat Nola by her side, who inspires her daily.

To learn more about Lady Viktoria visit her website (lady-viktoria.com) and Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/artbyladyviktoria). To purchase both original and print copies of her work visit her Etsy Shop (www.etsy.com/ca/shop/ArtbyLadyViktoria).

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Metaphysical Me is changing! Sign up required.


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To begin with, I would like to thank you for following my blog. It’s been a wonderful three-year journey of exploring metaphysical concepts, and sharing my spiritual journey with you. I’ve fallen in love with this blog, and you, my readers and subscribers, are a huge part of that – knowing that 109 people receive an email each time I publish an article, keeps me focused on providing you with the most valuable content. I feel blessed to be able to serve you in this way.

Three years and 70 articles later have changed me in so many ways. It is, therefore, inevitable that Metaphysical Me goes through a spiritual transformation of its own.

I’ve recently enrolled to Marie Forleo’s B-School, an online 8-week training program for online entrepreneurs. Although, still on the third week of the program, I’ve been hit by innumerable Aha! moments, inspiration, and guidance, to take Metaphysical Me to the next level.

My goal has always been to provide you with honest, heart-felt, empowering spiritual processes to help you push through life’s setbacks, and live a fulfilling life – and this is what I’ll keep doing! Marie’s just helping me do that with a nicer outfit on.

As a result, in the course of the following three months, Metaphysical Me will be going through a gradual transformation. Here’s what you should expect:

  • A new name! I’m giving my own name to the blog
  • New name gets a new domain! (georgelizos.com)
  • An entirely new theme – New images, colours, fonts, navigation
  • My commitment to publishing one new article every week
  • Free e-book and resources
  • New (and exciting!) coaching packages

To do so, I am migrating the website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. This means that you will no longer receive an email notification when I publish an article. If you would like to keep getting email notifications (I would love that :p) then you have to sign up to my email list by clicking on this link.

I’m excited to share this new adventure with you. All my love, George. <3

Finding Your Life’s Purpose


For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by the concept of the life’s purpose. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had this drive to be and do something far beyond my personal fulfillment. Deep inside, I knew that I was meant to change the world in a significant manner, and there was a very specific way for me to do that. It was this innate and irrepressible desire to serve, which encouraged me to pursue my studies in metaphysics, and ponder on life’s big questions.

Years in my spiritual journey, having read tenths of books, and discussed the subject with several people in spirituality, I have finally begun to untangle the mystery of the life’s purpose. Ironically, it wasn’t a book, or a spiritual teacher that led me to this awakening, but merely my own life experience.

We all have one

To cut a long story short, we all have a life’s purpose. The very fact that we expressed our spiritual, Godly nature into a physical body means that we came here to fulfill a specific assignment. This assignment is crafted after our unique talents, abilities and perspective; therefore, we are the only ones that can fulfill it.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to fulfill their life’s purpose. Although we incarnate into these physical bodies with full awareness of our pure-positive, all-loving nature, and a powerful understanding of our ability to succeed, we end up forgetting it along the way. We get caught up in a world of rules and stereotypes, stress and fear, which cause us to dissipate from our worthiness and inner guidance.

On the bright side, you reading this article is evidence that you’ve found a way to break out of the ego’s illusion, and are willing to remember who you really are, and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Our collective purpose

Before I guide you through an exercise that will help you discover your personal life’s purpose, it is important that you awaken to our collective purpose first – the purpose of being human.

I believe that the purpose of humanity is to choose love over fear, and teach this love by being a representation of it. “Be the light,” teaches best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein, inviting us to make a deliberate effort to recognize our fearful illusions, and turn them into loving truths. This has nothing to do with being airy-fairy positive all day long, for the duality of life serves in the expansion of consciousness.

It is important that we experience the negativity of life too, as long as we make the conscious effort to extract the blessing behind it and transcend it into loving form. This way, we experience our humanity to its fullest, but we don’t keep ourselves trapped into a vicious circle of negativity. Instead, we accept these negative experiences as opportunities, to grow and teach a message of love from a renewed understanding.

Your purpose

I have attempted several processes to help me find my life’s purpose, and although most of them were helpful, I’ve recently realized that I didn’t really need them. I was already living my life’s purpose, I just didn’t know it!

The reality is, you already know what your purpose is, you’re just afraid to come to terms with it. Sometimes, we feel that our purpose isn’t a viable option, or that it isn’t aligned with what our parents and society want from us. On other occasions, we are afraid to follow it because we are scared of the success that it will bring us!

To awaken to your life’s purpose, choose a time in your life when you were at your happiest. Then ask yourself the following questions:

How did I spend my time?

What did I talk about the most?

What societies/organizations was I involved in?

If you can’t remember what your mindset was at that point in your life, bring your attention to the present moment and make a log of your daily activities, making a note of how each activity makes you feel. The decisive factor is your emotional state. When we are at our highest, we are aligned with the love that defines us, and therefore, our life’s purpose. On the other hand, when we feel low, we are holding ourselves apart from who we are, and engage in activities that don’t resonate with our purpose. Therefore, making this mental connection between what you do and how you feel while doing it, is the easiest and most accurate way to figure out what your life’s purpose is.

PS: If you liked this article, I offer one-on-one coaching on finding and thriving on your purpose. There are limited spots for it, but if you are interested send me an email at georgelizos@outlook.com to talk further about it.

Witchcraft For All: Practical Magic to Unleash Your Inner Wizard

witchcraft-for-allCredit: Ramona Wolf

Although I haven’t written about, or discussed the subject of witchcraft in my blog before, it has played an important role in my spiritual journey, and my life in general. In fact, my interest in witchcraft was what got me into spirituality in the first place.

And Harry Potter was behind it all!

Being a fan of the infamous book series in my mid-teens, I was inspired by JK Rowling’s ability to merge magic and love in such a beautiful way. At the time, I was at a point in my life where I desperately needed a magic spell to drag me out of the vicious circle of resentment, rejection and victimization that I held myself into, and defined most of my childhood. Losing myself into the elusive world of Harry Potter, gave me a sense of hope and possibility for the better life I so longed for.

Setting out to discover my own Hogwarts, I stumbled upon Wicca – the modern-time religion of witches. Devouring books on traditional witchcraft, the Wiccan faith, and even hybrid faiths like Christian Wicca, I was soon drawn into the world of magic wands, spells, enchantments and potions. In my quest to gather up ingredients, learn incantations, research spells, and even come up with my own spells, my fears and insecurities faded away, and were replaced by a growing sense of empowerment.  In time, I was transformed from a shy, doubtful, introverted muggle, into a fearless wizard that would no longer tolerate victimization, and was ready to take conscious control of his life.

Work your Magic

Hollywood misinterpretations and misconceptions on witches and witchcraft have, unfortunately, distorted its meaning and purpose. Although I rarely practice it anymore, I still regard witchcraft as a powerful form of spirituality that can teach valuable lessons to people of all faiths and religions. The following three concepts form a fundamental basis to the practice of witchcraft, yet you needed be a witch to practice them. I’m a firm believer in religious hybridity, therefore, designing our own sacred way of honouring God, by choosing elements and processes that resonate with us, from a variety of religions.

Incorporating these processes to your daily spiritual practice will elevate it to a higher vibrational frequency, giving you a fast track ticket to spiritual growth – just like magic!

Nature walks: The first and foremost teaching to any form of witchcraft is one of oneness and interconnectedness. As pagans, witches revere nature as a pure and fundamental source of God’s love and light. They respect and honour nature, seeing it as the epitome of Spirit’s expression in physical form, striving to mirror this purity in their personal lives, and the manmade world in general.Taking frequent nature walks is a simple way of melding our energy with that of nature, and instantly attuning ourselves to the energetic web of consciousness that we are all part of. When we insert ourselves in a natural environment, the pure-positive energy of plants, trees, and flowers cleanses us of negativity, giving us a sense of euphoria and oneness with all life.

Practical Manifestation: Witchcraft is a practical way of using the Law of Attraction for conscious manifestation. What differentiates it from other manifestation processes, is the range of tools, elements, movements, and incantations incorporated in the attraction process. In the same way that positive affirmations, visualization, and meditation techniques help us deliberately attract something into our lives, witchcraft provides us with a more tangible way of doing so. The element of physicality in the use of tools and symbols, instead of affirmations and visualizations, give manifestation a more hand-on, and therefore, realistic appeal. To incorporate witchcraft in your manifestation process, collect symbols and elements that best represent your particular desire, and use your imagination to orchestrate a series of movements, chants, and prayers to cast your spell.

Prituals: Through the construction of elaborate altars, and the performance of riveting rituals, witches take praying to a whole new level -  to create what I like to call a pritual (prayer + ritual = pritual).  By amalgamating tools, symbols, pictures, statues, or anything else that inspires our connection to God, to form an altar, we create a space for us to pray, and rekindle our connection to our Higher Self. Having a daily pritual of lighting a candle on our altar, and spending some time in contemplation and prayer, is a powerful way of sustaining our alignment to the Love that defines who we really are. The ambiance of the candle wraps the altar in an aura of light, to create sacred space. This helps transcend our consciousness into a state of trance, making us receptive to spiritual guidance.

In the following video, Spirit Junkie and best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein guides us through her own altar,  giving us tips and tricks to make it personal, and incorporate it in our spiritual practice.

Authentically Me: The Past No Longer Controls Me


I’ve never expected that after years of spiritual work, I would still be in a position of doubting my own worthiness. Yet, here I am in an attempt to, as the saying goes, teach that which I want to learn, so that I may learn it: Self-worth.

It all started when I found out that we had to form our own teams for a university coursework. As soon as I read the notification my stomach cringed, and I instantly went into denial mode, brushing the entire thing off my mind and going on with my day. Things got worse when, during a lecture, I realized that everybody else had already been arranging themselves in teams, and I hadn’t. My hands froze up, my jaw tightened, my breath quickened, and I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Simply, I was on the verge of having a panic attack!

Confused at my overdramatic response to what seemed to be an insignificant circumstance, I took a deep breath to calm myself down, and tried to figure out what was wrong with me!

And then it all made sense.


Although, I have no problem working in a team I am assigned to, I detest having to assemble one on my own. For as long as I can remember, I was always the last person to be chosen as part of a team. As a kid I was shy, introverted, didn’t like sports, and instead, loved singing and reading books – in other words, I was nothing like the acceptable stereotype of a young boy. As a result, nobody wanted me in their team – as simple as that. In fact, nobody wanted to talk to me, let alone hang out with me. I was the epitome of an outcast.

In my mid-high school years, tired of my failed attempts of comradeship, and refusing to take any more rejection, I simply decided to deny any form of team work. Whenever we were asked to work in teams, I would simply go up to the teacher and ask for permission to work on my own instead. Unfortunately, permission was always granted, and my teamwork trauma survives until this present day.

I’ve always said that 90% of healing occurs in our willingness to do so, and it was time for me to prove my own point. I was willing to change. It would have been incredibly immature of me to rest in self-denial, and let the experiences of my past continue to define my present and future. As Josh Groban sings in his song, ‘Brave’, instead of hiding away from the thunder, I decided to look into the storm and feel the rain.

 Reclaiming my authenticity

  1. Breathe. I was a step away from freaking out in the midst of a lecture, therefore, the only thing I could do was breathe. Deep, conscious breathing into a feeling of discomfort, lets our body know that we’ve acknowledged the situation, and help is on its way.
  2. Reassure. “Out of this situation only good will come. This is easily resolved to the highest good of all concerned. All is well, and I am safe.” I learnt this affirmation from Louise Hay, and it has pulled me through countless fearful situations before. Hindsight has shown me, that any kind of obstacle I have ever faced turned out to be a hidden blessing. I had no reason to believe this wouldn’t be the case for this issue too.
  3. Face the fear. My process of dealing with any fearful situation includes praying, meditating, and taking inspired action. Having completed the first two steps, I was inspired to get my journal out and delve into the past. Tentatively, I made a list of all the times I had felt rejected by the people around me. I knew that, to heal my feelings of unworthiness I had to bring all my unresolved business to the present moment, and deal with them once and for all.
  4. Change the channel.  Finally, it was time for me to change a channel that has been playing on in my mind for too many years. Having brought my past rejections into the light, it became clear to me that I was no longer the person who experienced them all these years ago. Consequently, there was no logical explanation why I would manifest this kind of rejection in the present moment, other than my belief that I would.

Although, I am still very different from most people I know, I am no longer insecure about it. I choose to stand in my authenticity and let my freak flag fly, without needing anyone’s approval to be myself, or to be happy. In other words, the awakening moment behind this situation, was to liberate myself from the need to be accepted in the first place. The very reason behind my past rejections was my own insecurity about the person that I was, and my futile attempts to prove myself by taking on other people’s ideals. With this insecurity gone, I am now free to be unapologetically me, and let Source define my worthiness and match me up with people that share my own unique, and worthy sense of authenticity.

The Gay Soul: Born This Way. But Why?


I’ve been very tentative to dwell on the concept of Homosexuality and Spirituality before, just because both words are so loaded with tension and controversy. However, in a recent interview for a radio show, I was asked a question that inevitably forced me to go down that road.

Why are gay people born this way?

Although I hadn’t really considered, or meditated on the question before, I instinctively replied with a perspective I gained from Abraham-Hicks. General enough to appeal to all expressions of difference, but specific enough to resonate with the topic of homosexuality, Abraham’s take on the matter really resonated with me on a deep level.

The Story of Creation

To really grasp the basis of this question, and the benefit of being different in general, it is imperative that we dwell on the time-old question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Abraham suggest that, before we incarnated into these physical bodies, we were pure-positive, all-loving, non-physical Source energy, basking in, and knowing of, our magnificence. The only problem with being non-physical was that we couldn’t express our perfection in a tangible way; therefore, our chances of expanding consciousness were limited. As a result, we made the decision to express our non-physical Godliness into a physical time-space environment.

And so we flowed through atoms and molecules to form mountains and oceans, and we diversified through a plethora of plants and animals, skies and landscapes. From that higher perspective, we understood that our diversity would be our basis for expansion. Articulating ourselves in a range of different forms, would trigger a variety of perspectives and experiences that, in their interaction, would create something entirely new. And by doing so, consciousness, God, All-that-is, would become more.

Taking a trip down the human history, we can see how this plan is working out so far. We’ve gone from living in caves, and dressing up in animal skin, to residing in thriving megacities, and walking down runways in couture.  In other words, with our every thought, action, conversation, and experience, we literally created more of what is, and pushed the boundaries of consciousness.

Radical Expansion

With this in mind, the Gay Soul reveled in the possibilities for expansion that diversity brings, and wanted to take it to the next level, by being different in a fundamental way. Therefore, the gay soul incarnated into the human body, knowing that being different in such a way would trigger intense contrasting experiences, both positive and negative. Despite that, it was willing to take the ride, because it understood that with every contrasting experience comes the asking for an improved situation. The Law of Attraction states that, when you ask it is given. With this in mind, the Gay Soul also understood, that all the asking that came from discrimination, bullying, and victimization, would eventually be answered, and the world would change for the better.

And then it would all be worth it.